Shenzhen police believe the telecommunications fraud collectivization trend

in the past 2016, China in the fight against telecommunications fraud activities, won the recognition of people, telecommunications fraud, to bring people more awareness, it is worthy of recognition. Shenzhen public security department case shows that all kinds of new telecommunications fraud continues to emerge, the relevant telecommunications fraud also showed a trend of collectivization, specialization.

21, the Ministry of public security informed the latest cracked with the use of mobile phone cloud services to implement the crime of new high-tech telecommunications fraud. It is reported that the first case of public security departments to investigate the use of mobile phone cloud services telecommunications fraud case. In the case of using mobile phone cloud services for criminals to steal personal information of users, and then use the consumer credit and credit loans, money transfer through bank cards and the ATM machine withdrawals, causing huge economic losses to the user.

Luo Chenggang, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Futian branch of Interpol brigade, introduced in February 3, 2017, Shenzhen police received a report from the public Mr ho. He’s an account of the electricity supplier in the morning encounter pirates brush. After investigation and expert analysis, mobile phone cloud service ho by criminals hacking. The use of other cloud services "reply message function to Ho mobile phone number to bind the suspect’s side, and use cloud services to" destroy data "forced ho mobile phone is offline, so Mr. ho took over the mobile phone number of the SMS verification code.

Shenzhen police believe Mr. He encountered fraudulent case is an example of combination of cloud services, mobile phone operators, Deputy business and Internet financial services cross platform, high intelligence, remote control of the crime. At present, the case has been solved, pending further.

in the hearts of many people, telecommunications fraud, to bring more economic losses, so Shenzhen city police to combat telecommunications fraud, won the attention of people. 360 senior vice president Zhang Bei said that the future of cross platform, cross manufacturers, highly specialized division of labor across the chain of crime patterns will be more and more. This will bring new challenges to telecom fraud.

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