Guangxi young entrepreneurs yabou

entrepreneurship is not just a slogan, from start to success, the existence of the middle of the time and pay the leap. In the land of Guangxi, a group of 80, 90 are struggling for their entrepreneurial dreams.

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in the incubator in shelling out

"enterprise is a kind of ideal, is also a kind of responsibility. With ambition and ideal, has the responsibility of young people should share the worries of the country, to create opportunities for themselves." January 20th, the Beihai national high tech Industrial Development Zone, is making new animation Chen Zixiong said.

as a 80, the art of animation major in Chen Zixiong college in Hangzhou during the period of interest in animation art, and in the third began to enter the animation industry in their own business. Two years after graduation, the company has been founded in Hangzhou Chen Zixiong, also has the idea of returning home entrepreneurship. Thus, in his hometown of Beihai is in urgent need of the introduction of high-tech and cultural industries information, he visited the Beihai high-tech park. Although the park has just started, but the facilities are perfect, but also the implementation of a series of preferential policies for entrepreneurship." These favorable business conditions to let Chen Zixiong heart, decided to return to the development of Beihai, registered in the business park of Beihai high tech Zone of Guangxi was formally established wide near landing culture media Co. ltd..

2013 and 2014, wide near landing media has been named as the "Guangxi animation enterprises", also by the Ministry of culture, Ministry of finance, the State Administration of taxation as the "enterprise" national animation that realized own a big year".

"graduated from the University for 5 years, has experienced 6 years of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is still running in the journey." At present, Chen Zixiong’s creation of the 3D animation "maritime Silk Road" the first season has been basically finished, planned before 2016 Children’s Day in Guangxi satellite TV or CCTV children’s channel. He hoped that this opportunity can promote the development of Guangxi animation industry and the local economy, and further consolidate and enhance the status of enterprises in the domestic animation industry, has become a leader in the Guangxi animation enterprises "worthy of the name".


will become entrepreneurial innovation pioneer

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