Create your light luxury hotel LAN Ou Era

listen to the radio on the way to work this morning, China’s per capita income level is manifested by the increase of number of higher income groups gradually increased, while the number of China elite crowd also will be increased, which means that the luxury consumer market will usher in a new development situation.

The rise of

elite, response to improve the income level of residents in our country and the concept of rational consumption prevailed, the birth of the "light luxury" which is a new way of life, and to penetrate into the elite crowd in all aspects of basic necessities of life. Around the business elite travel scene, still the beautiful life group (formerly thankyou group)’s details from the office to the LAN Ou Hotel, for the busy business people to create situational service without worry, calm, light luxury fashion custom, "a new journey of life, open a new chapter in the mid-range hotel.

market survey shows that the elite group of light luxury life is reflected in the accommodation, it is inclined to be able to provide exclusive, high-quality service of the hotel, rather than the five star class El Luxor Hotel. This allows the part of investors at the mid-range hotel market, but in practice the lack of innovation, pay close attention to the lack of core accommodation needs of business elite, and more for the single operation, professional management level is low, compared with other types of products is the lack of competitiveness of the hotel.

The life habit of

deep insight into the elite crowd, the gentleman’s LAN Ou detail service to create customized light luxury life, travel, art from the housekeeper room card to the laundry and ironing service, free room, tea service, Feng LAN Ou custom music configuration, carefully for the busy business people to create situational service without worry, calm. At the same time, pay more attention to create a comfortable, elegant atmosphere, humility, women care for children, the LAN Ou hotel to join the gentleman taste frames to customers, transfer service LAN ou temperature.

shop design, modern elite LAN Ou rich core spirit — Shouzheng surprisingly, embodied in both European classical and heavy, but also the modern elegant and delicate design: the artist room card, pure white classic European style furniture lines, color fashion, bronze metal accessories, but collocation of fire red circular, soft decoration of post-modernism, all in the design space of the silent in LAN Ou quiet vitality, let the customer feel with a unique taste of living.

experts believe that the power of the hotel as a fresh LAN Ou mid-range hotel to join the market, the service more perfect, more innovative design, the group experienced and strong, the future market prospects is very promising. And seize the opportunity to upgrade the LAN Ou consumption and common services in a large group, is expected to create a new future mid-range hotel

LAN Ou hotel to join the elite group, a luxury light era, cast your brilliant colleagues.

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