What are the principles of the recruitment of baby shop

open physical stores to recruit employees, which is the basic rules of the store operations. However, the recruitment of staff is actually a lot of skills can be mastered, naturally there are certain principles require operators to comply. So, what are the principles of baby shop recruitment? Let Xiaobian to introduce a few points.

(1) the principle of culture: the baby shop to find that direct employees will be able to get started, do not hold a slowly culture psychology, because it will waste a lot of customers, according to our years of experience, unless the salesperson itself has great potential, it is very difficult to develop, as the saying goes "if toughened and hardened into steel. Is a piece of wood, how can not be refined into steel, even good piece of iron in the Bai Lian process in fact has lost a large number of customers, the store is not the loss of customers!

(2): Chinese love will do before, before the opening of most of the time in the purchase such as a series of things in sales are quickly opened before recruitment, opening time approaching, will make with the clerk, in fact it is fatal, baby products store rather than abuse, also can’t let a salesperson abuse!

(3) is more important than the experience of affinity: Chinese people shopping is very emotional. She would like to see you pleasing to the eye, if you do not look pleasing to the eye, would rather go to other places to buy more expensive, you do not come here, so for the baby store salesperson, the affinity is more important than anything else!

(4) when the mother does not have much advantage: many baby shop owner should recruit a mother, have experience, but now my mother is not much parental experience, there is not much knowledge but relatively will reassure customers a little trick, salesperson, not necessarily if the young mother!

(5) did not open a shop, first look for people: open flagship store, you can first shop, after hiring, open shop, you need to find someone, after the shop, put the salesperson in a more important position!

After all,

is a physical store, after all, is the need to deal with consumers, so how to do the work of the recruitment, which will have a very big impact on the management of the store later. Therefore, if you want to successy open a baby shop, you need to put more energy on the recruitment of natural. So, there are more than the small series of these content, if you are ready to open a baby shop, how would you do it?

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