Any theme restaurant increased pasta and Hot pot is still hot

theme, fashion restaurant increased by

this year, the theme of the restaurant, Azuoqi are more and more, but also opened fire, being touted a lot of young people. In this case, the main reason is that young people become the main consumer groups, they have a new requirement for eating, not only to eat well, but also play well, there is a fresh taste. "Senior chowhound" small high often after work about 32 friends looking for food. Many restaurants have opened this year Azuoqi, heard where opened a new restaurant, wanted to pull 35 friends to taste experience." Xiao Gao xiao.

12 on the night of 14 November in a yabrai road opened restaurant, the reporter saw the store is very popular. This restaurant can not only taste the fashion of Western food, as well as the decoration of the characteristics of the micro film package for customer entertainment. In Azuoqi catering market, such as the newly opened stores generally have a common characteristic: the decoration fashion and consumption down to earth, can play new tricks.

"for these fashion creative restaurants, their appearance to meet the young people’s consumption, bring new people to become a new element in the food and beverage market." A restaurant owner told reporters. In addition, the reporter also found that these new restaurant marketing model also appeared "new tricks", many hotels can see two-dimensional code figure, through the scan code, scan code to send food to discount promotions to attract customers, WeChat checkout also began to become a new consumption pattern.

pasta and hot pot is still hot

although this year Azuoqi increased the number of theme restaurants, but Hot pot and pasta restaurant is still the best choice "chowhound". According to incomplete statistics, Azuoqi area has registered self-employed for catering shops reached 2617. The number of features of pasta restaurant topped the list with 404, followed by Hot pot hot food 244, animal husbandry farm restaurant home tours 243 bar, 94, Home Dishes 65. Alashan Market Supervision Bureau staff told reporters that in recent years many new types of farm restaurant and coffee shop Hot pot shop, Western-style food increased more in a short period of time.

The increase in the number of

restaurant a marked Azuoqi residents taste preferences. The reporter visited several BAYANHOT farms and Hot pot shop, to shop in the weekends and holidays when business is hot, often no seat. Ms. Zhang opened her first hot pot shop in September of this year, she said: "my home is his own material, the main flavor of Sichuan. At noon to eat less customers, after 6 pm, more and more people started late, sometimes the customers will not have the seat."

in the Mixc on the opposite side of the cottage area has many marked "restaurant" farmhouse restaurant. Liu Chunguang is this one of the earliest opened farmhouse restaurant, this restaurant here.

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