Open style good way to make money to win the 5 star brilliant

network and Denver in this post PC era in rolling flying, no one could tell us why it wants to be a writer, nobody can say exactly how many writers China. No one can say how many literary websites in china. But no matter what money is the purpose of leading nongchao. To the network, many of the writers, writers also, with the network, everything can search in the network of the sky, whether to open a book or a literary website, when editing, as if everything in sight, everything seems so simple.

made the starting point, in this day stronghold, in this day of the achievements of the netrose in such a day, whether it is literature for leisure or business soft, you have to look down the sting of adults and college students. In our eyes, the adults are independent, the adults have the desire and purpose of success. However, compared with adults, the child’s mind is no scruples. 5 star network composition in the new era should be, the timely introduction of writing contest, etc. This will undoubtedly have QQ currency composition, opens up a new space for the children outside of the online game network life. Let the children’s lives have been looking forward to the network, the children of pure heart dissemination, new ideas and new ideas of the 5 star network composition continue to explore children. Happy childhood, interesting playmates, my father and mother, my teachers and classmates, my children come from summer to winter. In the 5 star composition, the children get free composition reference and get free writing instruction. Children in the course of the game positive, the children in the process of learning without trouble. Here the fun of children is inspired to become a learning aid. In such a large network of dragons and fishes jumbled together, people wish to several 5 star network composition, so whether it is a precursor to cultivate children’s love of literature, literature is not love children also in the mood to vent, everyday in a word or two to be encouraged, feedback and guidance.

any time, any person, do anything, in this era of rampant commodity economy are not because of the simple and alive, 5 star network composition from starting point and Hongxiutianxiang, get rid of some soft paper and paper writing. Focus on the flowers of the motherland, the energy of exile in the territory of others have not developed. To avoid the wave with the mainstream, avoid copying unaccommodating copy, use their own thinking, walk own road. To avoid others Denver’s edge, in a quiet house, constantly exploring human needs, human needs in short supply in the composition of world attention, our primary and secondary school students’ attention, most literature website is not suitable for children to fault. Here no sex no violence, not deliberately did not interest tendency, the children open their own childish mind, be sure here, there is no contribution the pain of failure, do not think they can not become a writer’s strike, here are the guide of help. Here the child’s dream continues, but also close to the dream. Like the 5 star composition network, in the eyes of others do not focus on the vacuum

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