The ancient pier unearthed from the site of a total length of over 500 meters for the Song Dynasty w

in order to find the ancient history of Chinese civilization, the archaeological team has been working hard. Recently, the ancient pier ruins unearthed, this important discovery, will promote people to better understand the ancient civilization, has a very great archaeological value.


according to the Boluo County News Office of local chronicles compilation, Yuanzhou, through collecting a large number of materials that Su Dongpo was demoted to Huizhou Park in the original Botou town to the Luofu Mountain play records. Through the historical data found that the town of Botou is now the nine towns of the park Chau Yi village.

30 years engaged in the work of cultural relics of Boluo County Cultural Bureau former deputy secretary Huang Guanli said, 33 years ago he carried out cultural relics survey work here, there is a big tree in front of the site, is a creek, the shore can also see some red embankment. By his editor in chief of the "Boluo county cultural relics", on the site of the town of Botou, he believes that the nine Tan Yi village for the town of Botou ruins.

in 1094 (the first year of song Shaosheng on the 26th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar), Su Dongpo was banished for Huizhou, with her young son sue over hand in hand, on that day by boat from Boluo to go first arrived in Dongjiang, Dongjiang tributary of Shahe, and Botou. The next morning, Shiwan inspection history Jue to come to the reception and served as a guide.

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