Do some suggestions English Wangzhuan novice

I also do English stand, not a master, talk about some of my suggestions.

speaking of English Wangzhuan, we had to say about the basic knowledge of English, personal feeling we should spend a little time to be familiar with the commonly used words, familiar to what extent? Those companies commonly used terms you should be able to understand, not what words to Google, not say no, but invisible. You waste your time.

many people always think of cheating, I think you still do not focus on it as well, it is to make money, earn a lot of money but also There are plenty of people who become big money, you need to pay a lot of people, the same is to pay, why don’t you take a regular network to make such as a simple? English blog, do some regular sales? “Soldiers raided” there is a saying I think very well, “said the history of zero and schurrle since hard, what do not, what is the original, I forget, is this meaning.


effort is needed, but not to do is toil, when appropriate, I suggest you play money, learn to use the capital strength to learn, packaging, marketing, look at those awesome characters, who complete their operation right? If this is the case, Google AdWords is no longer necessary the.

foreign Wangzhuan anterior where I do not say, is also a small apprentice, it can be said that any one has a very good development, such as the SkyDrive download this thing, one day, dozens of hundreds of dollars in. For example, the English high keywords, so there are a lot of people also earn less, not herd. Others can not earn you can earn.

there is a way to make money ideas, ideas determine the way out, I still believe that. Don’t say that Google English Wangzhuan high keywords, this is very bad, really, don’t you think selling links? Have you ever thought about paying not to mention the other comments?.

learning process, we try to Google it, don’t ask some fool is a look at the problem, I see the problem you want to laugh, think master will look at how? Have more time to look at the forum that the authority of the essence, not nothing hanging QQ in the QQ group chat how small, Xifeng how empty, a few se, I think it has no meaning. In particular, the se diagram, I do not say that I am elegant, this is the physiological needs, but you do not always put this thing on the topic to talk about. This is not loaded and loaded force does not matter. Some things are very real, but we still have to look at the appearance of hypocrisy, or that there is no difference between animals and

written by, A5 first. These are some of their own learning experience, and to share with you, welcome to continue to add

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