Three how to join and cooking juice

"three juice stew pot" is different from the common cooking food, which is a kind of health food with high type essence Chinese palace cuisine based diet combined with the characteristics of modern people to create, the highlight of China’s unique brand of Chinese fast food, western fast food which inherits the excellent China catering culture. With taste more than western style fast food, while the future of Chinese fast food market prospects are limitless.

and three

joined the cooking juice

and three juice is used in cooking delicacy hundred years stew, the loss of nutrition, flavor is more durable, perfect to keep the aroma of food and nutrition, to achieve the perfect unity of delicious and nutritious. No smoke, no noise, no pollution, no nuisance, open the restaurant is not subject to environmental constraints, no off-season.

company has always adhere to the "fashion supplier" business philosophy, to create customer satisfaction, create employee satisfaction "as the service concept, with" detail decides success or failure "as the management idea, to do a good job in the business at the same time, the company has never forgotten to repay the society, for the benefit of customers. In response to the government to create a "two oriented society" call, the first to take the lead in the use of all kinds of advanced environmentally friendly health nanotechnology pot, environmental protection and energy saving catering company.

join conditions:

1, to have a certain economic base, to meet the start-up capital requirements.

2, the need to identify the concept of brand management, consistent with the development goals of the headquarters.

3, in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of a unified management.

join process:

1, first consultation. 2, investment manager introduction. 3, to visit the free shop tasting dishes. 4, fill in the application form. 5, negotiate with the investment manager. 6, signed a contract. 7, training headquarters. 8, store decoration design. 9, opening preparation. 10, the official opening.

join fee:

1, venture shop to join the cost of 31800 yuan.

2, standard stores to join the cost of 41800 yuan.

3, flags beautiful shop 51800 yuan.

join security:

1, brand protection

headquarters to provide a unified image recognition, store design and shop

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