Xi’an public entrepreneurship illegal periodical fraud sentencing

entrepreneurship has become a hot topic of social concern. But this also contains a lot of scams, the need for public vigilance. Recently, the two men in Xi’an due to illegal publication of the public entrepreneurship magazine, and the publication of false advertising fraud money, has been sentenced to a fine.

after the Yanta District Court found, Shao Moumou use in "public business" magazine published in the recruitment work station owners, carry out loan business such as false advertising, fraudulent readers trust, and fictional facts, some readers to mail remittance "public business" magazine, news gathering authorization card false instrument. Eventually defrauding 40 victims remittances totaling $91280.

2014 December, two people were arrested. September 22, 2015, Yanta District People’s Procuratorate to Yanta District People’s court prosecution. November 2015, the court hearing the case.

"People’s Republic of China criminal law" in accordance with the relevant provisions of the final confirmation, Shao Moumou guilty of the crime of illegal business was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months, confiscation of 200 thousand yuan; guilty of fraud, sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and fined 90 thousand yuan. After the merger decided to implement the imprisonment of 8 years and 6 months, confiscation of 200 thousand yuan, a fine of 90 thousand yuan (paid within three months after the entry into force of the judgment limit), ordered to return the 40 victims cheated money. Xia found guilty of illegal business, sentenced to 5 years and 6 months, confiscation of property of $200 thousand.

this type of entrepreneurial journals filled with false advertising, to attract readers attention to the temptation of the title, then cheat money. This is recommended

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