How much does it cost to join a small car wash shop

small city to join the car wash how much? Open a car wash shop is the dream of many people, and now, the car wash shop success of a lot of people dream, then in small cities to join the car wash shop how much? Let’s take a look at it.

the increasingly popular car market, its profits to attract a large number of people to open the car wash. According to the statistics of related people, opened a car wash in the two or three line of the city’s low cost budget: about 100 thousand, in the high-end, probably need funds 30-40 million (  also partition domain to determine the location of the shop price difference). Specific investments, including machinery and equipment, shop rent, staff costs, utilities, tax costs, special car wash, etc., these projects should be refined according to the local situation.

as usual expenses, for a second tier city suburb example, open a car wash shop opened in front of the shop in addition to the cost of renovation costs, a 150 square meters of the car wash shop, about 10000 yuan monthly expenses. Employees (6) wage budget about: $10000. Water fee: a ton of water washed 8 cars a day of 10 tons 10× 10× 30=3000 yuan. Electricity: 1000 yuan. Special car wash: January 3 box 3× 75=225 yuan. Other taxes, fees, etc..

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