Wangzhuan essence is the selection of projects for advertising

network to make money in fact with the real market supply and demand is the same.

is a product / commodity to be sold, and there are a lot of sales channels, physical store channels, direct marketing channels, network access, etc…….


network is to build a profitable commodity in the Internet channel sales, in fact the quality of the goods is better than an important part of marketing, marketing is very complex and need for long-term business, so many businesses will take part into the network marketing channel.

through the long tail theory, a set of small businesses to help him do marketing, promote to sell his goods, and marketing promote need to be exposed, then the demand for advertising out.

CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC, CPM, PTR, PTC advertising model a layer down out, and the release of each layer must be advertising according to different products, different levels of adjustment, otherwise expensive advertising effect may be less than cheap advertising. Even free advertising.

to the bottom of the advertising model, PTR. PTR this layer of advertising, advertising received most of the people who are to make money, consumers accounted for less, if you take PTR to consumer products, the effect must not pull off the assembly line, and PTR do not have to pull PTR, PTC line, you can put PTR and pull sale line node sale line must earn more than PTR down a lot more, pulled one or two brains from the PTR line, more far than 1000 ordinary pure PTR downline earn.

this way I tried in the last month, I pulled a sale off the assembly line, more than 100 dollars a month, and if you rely on the PTR downline get $100, do not know how long it takes to achieve. Perhaps this is the theory that we all know, just to share with you, maybe you have to do to feel. feeds

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