The introduction of the general principles of TV drama to bring new guidelines for film and televisi

a hot TV, a red star, the impact is very large, therefore, the director in the TV works is not free, is the need to convey positive energy to the public. The new drama production rules have come out, in addition to film and television staff, we also look at it!

formulated jointly by the Commission and the China zhongguanlian television television production industry association "TV content production rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "general") before the date of introduction of the "rules" of the detailed provisions of the witchcraft practices, cannot appear in the TV series love and gay etc.. Insiders evaluation, the general rules of the industry belongs to the self regulatory documents for the production of TV producers and creators have a guiding role.

"general" specific provisions fifth TV plays can not appear such as "preaching souls, reincarnation and witchcraft in feudal superstition", "means of investigation, detection of exposure details, can induce the criminals grasp ways of anti investigation", "strange and absurd crimes" etc..



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