The reasons for poor clothing store clothing business

It is difficult for

to do business, this sentence we just talk about outsiders, presumably those buddy doing business is certainly difficult to know exactly how the clothing business how to run a clothing store? Very much in my city, but there are many high streets and back lanes of clothing shops, the shop is open and time is not long but foreign transfer, what is the reason? After the investigation that:

reasons: do not blindly into the analysis of

a lot of people decided to do business, he wanted to start all of a sudden, rent space, purchase, opening are very busy. Time is a good thing, but there is no analysis, no plan is this. Business is small but it is their own efforts, is the need to invest money and energy, so it is necessary to do some basic analysis before the opening of the clothing store.

at least to the most clearly consider the questions: where do? What style do you do? What price? Style, price is consistent with the district where you make? What characteristics? Why consumers to choose and buy your clothes? If these answers to basic questions are not clear, I think the best is the first to look at the market, understand the market about the future competitors, this can be based on the clothing industry this big market.

to make the characteristics must be consistent with the style of the entire shopping district on the basis of looking for features, rather than in the category, the target market to find the so-called feature and difference, it would be counterproductive.

two: do not look at the market it hard

has said a reason for you, we feel that there is no reason? Do business must have a keen eye for, or may result in operating costs, many just began to do clothing wholesale market to purchase only the boss to choose their own love, but do not have a basic plan for their own business to the goods, sales is not good also blame the guests do not know what. Consumer recognition is a good thing, their favorite guests do not necessarily like, we have to study the preferences of the guests rather than the boss himself.

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