The Olympic hegemony website open

            is not willing to sponsor the Olympic Games in Beijing Sohu, a dominant, Sina, NetEase, Tencent FireWire alliance, and gradually attracted more than and 10 sites to join. The Alliance Party seems "milepost", has been ridiculed as "poor Baotuan Sohu".

portal parochial prejudice

The first is the establishment of the website

"a bit like the Warring States period gezonglianheng," Tianya executive editor Song Zheng told the southern weekend said, "Sina shares, the website of the enemy is Sina, and when the Sohu trying to monopolize the Olympic cyber source, it became a target for all, who is strong in addition several parties will jointly to deal with it." Because Tianya is interactive "forum" website and other websites, do not snatch the news resources, so you can stay out.

for the right to interview no website, these 300 pieces of work permit equivalent deformation pass, its effect was even greater than the interview card "broader, can be a personal interview." Chen Luming, vice president of Sohu, said the southern weekend reporter.

with the work permit, such as Sohu in the news industry, the traditional portal, there may be opportunities in terms of content from rivals, let more advertisers to draw a long line in their performance on the table.

Sohu to pay a high price. According to Sina vice president Chen Tong: "tens of millions"

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