What procedures are required to open an English Training Course

legitimate society under the legitimate business, naturally also need to go through the relevant formalities, however, for many investors, in the end need to go through those procedures, but it has become a thing can not be determined. Because of this, it will delay the development of many people entrepreneurship. So, open an English training course what procedures? Let Xiaobian to introduce you in detail, so that you are more likely to achieve entrepreneurial ideas.

1. what’s the procedure for opening an English class? As the classroom if the building of their own, provide proof of ownership (original and photocopy); if you are hired, it provide the proof of ownership (copy) and signed the rental agreement.

2. what’s the procedure for opening an English class? If the scale is large, the name is "a city English training school, went to the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau and City Board of education for approval; if the scale is small, the name is" a certain area of English training school, he went to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and District Education Bureau for approval.

3. what’s the procedure for opening an English class? We also need to provide the procedures are: corporate identity card (original and photocopy), hukou (original and photocopy), the necessary financial security certificate, 2–3 teachers’ professional identity certificate, graduation certificate and teacher qualification certificate (photocopy).

4. all formalities are completed, the functional departments will be in 10–30 working days to send you a school license.

provide English training services, which will affect the future of countless children learning, because of this, it is necessary to go through more formalities, will make entrepreneurship feasible. So, if you have a plan to open such a class, but do not know what kind of procedures they need to use, then, now you have the hearts of the answer? What procedures do you need to open an English training course? Because the English training market demand is very large, therefore, ready to invest in the cause of such a person is actually very much more important is that only with a legal procedure, will make the business more simple.

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