Yunnan will officially enter the era of high-speed rail

"to develop the first road" Yunnan high speed rail era is approaching, Yunnan will further strengthen the communication with the outside world, promote Yunnan economic and cultural exchanges with the outside world, to further promote the economic development of Yunnan.

yesterday, with the last piece of weighing 100.9 tons of T beam successfully hoisted on the Black dragon Pool bridge, marking the Yunnan high-speed rail KunMing South Railway Station to the EMU by the line across the four lines. By the end of 2012, Yunnan will officially enter the era of high-speed rail.

EMU high-speed rail EMU trains in Yunnan is an important base for maintenance, maintenance and marshalling, the image is said to be high-speed rail EMU home".

KunMing South Railway Station to train running four line project, the contact line is the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail, cloud Guangxi railway EMU between KunMing South Railway Station and import EMU, the EMU Kunming has parked EMU conditions, through the four line running across the board of the roadbed, which means to be laid rail after work from the KunMing South Railway Station, EMU entered the emu. At the same time, KunMing South Railway Station to KunMing Railway Station to use the current line will also be connected, then EMU can be directly into the KunMing Railway Station.

according to the construction unit nine Bureau of China Railway Kunming hub command responsible person, Kunming New South Station to the train take an important part of line four line belongs to the Kunming project, since 2014 began, the construction unit to overcome many difficulties, promote the construction, and within 2 months after the EMU 37 tracks totaling 38.28 the parking line, 90 km rail laying work group. The next 1 months, will complete the corresponding construction work for the construction unit, the first high-speed rail – Yunnan Kunming Shanghai high-speed rail at the end of June to enter the FBI to prepare.

reporter learned from the Kunming Railway Bureau, at present, Yunnan section of Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail line through the main line, is stepping up the fine tuning of the line, Yunnan Guangxi railway has started laying, two lines during the year is expected to open.

With the continuous development of economy and science and technology, some of the more backward cities have gradually developed, the Chinese nation in the future will be more and more powerful, people’s living standards will be more and more rich and healthy


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