Liu Qingfeng, Dong Mingzhu and other big coffee in the fat share entrepreneurial

for the majority of young people, entrepreneurs need to have a correct direction and guidance, but also in the process of entrepreneurship in a timely manner to absorb some useful entrepreneurial experience is also a very important thing.

for their business experience to share, Liu Qingfeng said, passion and dream is the premise of entrepreneurial struggle, this is the most important power for the early start. However, in the beginning, a good business model is also very important, often the same technology different business models will determine the life and death of an enterprise.

"if can not grasp the initiative, enterprise scale is larger, the greater the risk of future. Today’s customers should be able to contribute to the country’s influence on the dominant position. The mission of the industry is very important to an enterprise. We should make contributions to the communication between people and people." Liu Qingfeng said with passion, grasp the leading role of the value chain is the key to the entrepreneurial process, from the source, to break through the technical core, rather than a simple processing plant".

"entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, must have a good attitude, we may fail, perhaps one failed, may fail two times…… The important thing is to have a vision and stick to your dream of clarity." As an end, Liu Qingfeng warned young entrepreneurs.

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