GG VS MM which kind of advertising is more cost-effective

now small and medium-sized website revenue, almost all rely on to do advertising. Small league deduction, but also less reliable credit, and Baidu union threshold is too high, so GG and MM (Ali mother) accounted for the vast majority of.

I now have 6 stations, 3 put MM, the 3 put GG. One of my sites around PV5000, GG ad click rate of 0.8%-1.5%, an average of about $2-3 per day. Not how to optimize, is to adjust the display position and background color.

MM ads on the poor, a few cents a day, and advertising is too bad, because advertisers too little reason. MM biggest bright spot is that you can sell advertising. But for the grassroots webmaster, the opportunity to sell too little, and the price is too low. A location of 1 yuan a week, or even $0.1 is not interesting, even the space domain name fee are lost.

wants to earn pocket money, or to do GG. Of course, the flow of people, MM may be able to sell a good price.

stayed up 2 nights without rest, dazed confused, written out of order, I just say some do stand experience, feel good after direct X, don’t curse. Thanks


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