How to open a small shop to open a small tea shop to weapon

open milk tea shop, rent facade is a very important part, to master some skills, not only can save you some expenses, but also allows you to find a suitable shop, to avoid being cheated. Now we say that a few questions need to pay attention to the operation of milk tea shop, so that everyone reference.

A, rent:

two, contract:

in negotiations with the landlord, should pay attention to the following questions:

1, rental cost estimates. (investigation around the store about their affordable rent, and rent, at least talk heart bottom.)

2, the lease is preferably three to five years, rather than a year to sign. And the first three years generally do not increase the rent, the appropriate increase of fourth years. If it is a mature period, the promotion point should be very small, the new district will be difficult to say, will be relatively high

3, to establish a good relationship with the landlord. How to open a shop? Remind the landlord, a good shop can enhance the value of his house, with the stability and safety of the landlord to suppress the idea of rent

4, if there is a public works near the impact of the store business, you can ask for rent concessions.

5, talk about additional conditions. The repair of some major infrastructure, clear understanding of the existing situation in the store, through negotiations, requiring the landlord to rent the premises before the renovation, or require the landlord to bear the corresponding costs

6, responsibility attribution. (because of natural and man-made calamities such as my responsibility to business, to the shop again renovated before rent calculation.)

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