nternet entrepreneurs must have the mentality

do what all need a good state of mind, but in the end what kind of mentality is the mentality of Internet entrepreneurs need it?

A, the success of the mentality:

we try things may not be successful, but we certainly cannot succeed without hard work. The success of the mentality of not only refers to the desire to win, it is a person that a positive attitude to their own value and team value; achieve success is not the outcome of events, is constantly transcend self in the process of extraction, success factors, continuous learning and thinking process, it is necessary for us to persevere the psychological motivation.

two, the details of mentality:

three, the accumulation of mentality:

four, resource mentality:

the book to use square hate less, we start from a project when you need to accumulate resources. When we face the exam, go to cram, in vain. At the beginning of the development of their own resources to develop a table, the table is what they have now, what I do, the other side of the table is what I need every step in the development, what is the next step. You know this person and even once, than you go to him when needed so much, not to mention you and this person may become very good friends, this is the reality of China. Armed with their own resources, with their own small resources in exchange for greater resources in order to small and broad.

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