How to protect the income of farmers in Jiangsu low food prices

is not only a golden autumn season is an invigorating autumn climate, a harvest season, our crops mature in autumn, toiling farmers a year’s harvest in this season. 11, 2009, approved by the State Grain Bureau, the province’s middle and low price of the purchase price of the implementation plan was officially launched. Reporters learned that this year’s autumn acquisition, the food sector is facing a serious situation of storage capacity shortage, low market prices, the hitherto unknown difficulties. Hold to sell to get food, the bottom line, the grain farmers eager to become.

food prices low hovering

reason to start the implementation of the minimum purchase price plan, the reason is that the current market price is lower than the national minimum purchase price. What is the current market price? 11, Xing Zhen Liyang city large grain Zhang Qing told reporters that he has harvested more than and 600 acres of late indica rice, although early affected by the floods, but still amounted to 1200 kilograms per mu; the late indica rice market price of about 1.33 yuan per kilogram to 1.38 yuan per kilogram, lower than the minimum purchase price.

Sihong county head of large grain farmers Peng Dejun said that their local late indica rice prices less than 1.3 yuan per catty. However, the province of late indica rice planting area is very small, a wide range of large amounts of Japonica rice, and precisely the market price of rice worrying. Zhang Qing said, currently on the market last year, the rice per kilogram is 1.4 yuan, than the minimum purchase price of 0.15 yuan. This month this year will start rice harvest, harvest early because of consumer demand for new rice is relatively strong, may make the price of "Alice Alice", but to the harvest period, prices will fall, certainly less than the minimum purchase price.

Director of the Grain Bureau of

province Chen Jie introduction, because the domestic grain harvest year after year, the international market supply loose, since last year, food prices have been running low, domestic rice prices more than 900 yuan per ton upside down, imports to maintain growth momentum. The main producing areas in order to digest the high inventory, competing to promote food, especially the auction of the extended storage of rice prices lower, rice market prices continue downward, well below the minimum purchase price.

in addition, because the corn temporary storage policy is cancelled, domestic corn prices fell from 1 yuan per kilogram, down to the current 0.7 yuan, although our province not corn producing provinces, but there is a substitution effect between grain varieties of rice and wheat, originally used as industrial food and feed enterprises to use corn prices down signal the food has been transmitted to the market in our province, it is difficult to change the status of low grain prices. In order to protect the interests of grain farmers, it is necessary to start the acquisition of the city in a timely manner." Chen Jie said.


storage capacity of tension hitherto unknown

is because food prices have been running low, all types of market players do not worry about not receiving food, recommended

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