How to start a network of college students to recommend a number of good business network projects

with the progress of science and technology, the network is also more and more developed, many friends want to do business on the network, especially just graduated from college students, would like to start online. So, how to carry out the network of college students? The following is recommended for everyone to do a good job of 15 network entrepreneurship.

1: Honker: college students how to network business? Honker network is a good choice. A person who is responsible for the security of the domestic network, and who is responding to foreign attacks.

2: network dispensers: as the name suggests is the owner of the online shop.

3: network leader: how do college students online entrepreneurship? Head of the network, gathering network consumers and funds, and increase the bargaining power of the business, in order to obtain the best price.

4 network: Waiter: just sit in front of the computer for online shop goods, communicate with customers and people.

5: CRBT Designer: the creation of their own through the software to control the concentration of 30~60 seconds in the popular talent.

6: Online Food Market: open on the network of the market, the customer through the network or telephone order menu.

7: customer: from the business use of gifts. After the trial, according to the requirements to write their own experience as a reward for the return of a class.

8: inker: college students how to undertake the network does poineering work? The users of the text inker, pictures make personalized printing with permanent preservation of the value of people.

9: shop decoration Division: the use of software processing, so that the network shops more attractive, more convenient for customers to browse the goods.

10: Web psychologist: a psychologist who guides and treats people through the internet.

11: animation designer: college students how to conduct online business? To be an animation designer, to design a class of people who can meet the tastes of high quality animation products.

12: online writers: Online focus on the "bulletin board" published literary writers.

13: network maintenance workers: through the network for Internet users to repair the computer.

see the above introduction, I believe we have a clearer understanding of the college students’ network business, these are very suitable for the network business, and do not need too much money, do not hand off for college students who are fit. You may wish to choose a more interested in their own, I wish you an early realization of the dream of becoming rich.


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