Will see soft text, but also learn to collect soft text

will see soft text, but also will hide software text.

believe that most people read the soft text is to learn things, but also like to see the soft text. Because it is not just a soft text, sometimes it is a kind of encouragement, a direction of advance, a beacon light.

There are a lot of soft

every day on the site, but when we look at the flavor, not forget one thing, there is no need to put yourself those up? Here is not to say the whole collection, but to some part of the copy down, I do not know in what way, or half a bucket water. When you read a very soft text I agree with, is it possible to copy some of them, so that next time you can use it, you can easily take it out.

my own www.0762dh.com (own first station) very much like to see the soft text on the website, as long as one does not see, I feel something has not done, and the heart will always remember. But sometimes I have no choice, because I see more, will be a little dizzy, always feel this useful, and that also useful. If all copied down, then there will be a lot of documents on the computer, looking at also confused. So I’ve done the general classification: the document name; two categories: the categories in the document. For example: on the website promotion website promotion method (which is the most complete document name); promotion cases, SEO method, network method, network method (which is classified in the document), the individual can according to their own preferences classification.

information on the network a lot, not only to find, will see, but also to tibet. Otherwise, I would have seen it, but now I forgot it, but it is not convenient to use it now.

because some of the information will inevitably repeat, so it is very convenient to use their own sub sub sub point, after their own search or review.

did you hide it today,


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