The bigger your web site, the worse Google is for you

wrote down the subject, and I was reluctant. I’ve been a journalist for 18 years, and I think I’m a good reporter, but I found the reporter’s cheese got the most of it. Any article you write on Google, you don’t have it, and it’s in the snapshot. You put a lot of labels on your article, and the Google participle will dismember your article to the smallest unit. The value of content has at least been looted by Google by more than 50%. The bigger your web site, the less Google is going to do to you. Google doesn’t like any website to be big, but it is the only one.

mass media and word of mouth communication

Where is the way out of the media after the

Google monopoly information distribution channel,


modern newspapers have existed for more than 400 years. Before newspapers, people spread word of mouth. With the mass media, word of mouth is still the most important means of communication. Communication is human instinct. Speaking is basic human right. If you don’t know, look at your monthly phone bill. Word of mouth is the weakness of the mistake.

, SNS=, friends, mutual media,

Word of mouth

frame on the Internet, to avoid the mistake. The only link can ensure that after many word of mouth, do not lose shape. On SNS, how many friends do you have, and how many times do you show the same message? How many friends do you have on SNS, and you’ll list the number of good friends. You are a reader of your best friend; your best friend is your medium. SNS’s media value lies in the quality of friends.

, SNS=, value propagation,

in SNS, valuable messages can be spread exponentially and exponentially; it’s useless to publish a worthless message. Don’t underestimate the personal distribution of the Internet. Geometric index growth + light speed is much faster than printed newspapers. In today’s China, BBS will be drowned out by the so-called "forum marketing" gunmen, the credibility will be getting worse and worse, and its media value will be greatly weakened. SNS real name through good friends to spread, spam messages spread not far. The mass media is in the hands of a few, and can not be spread by political parties or money.

ensures that the most valuable messages are transmitted furthest, which is what the public needs. The spread of public demand must be the most powerful mass media.

The core value of

SNS is the credibility of the message. SNS is a real society, what people have, not to require each how to behave with a standard, my media reader is my friend, my message listener is my friend, how can I in public / private occasions and my friends don’t use these? Education, real life has a profound education to the user. People who are insincere and dishonest will not become strong media without friends.

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