The webmaster do not miss the year is a good time to keywords optimization

today I inspect customers site, found a very strange phenomenon; several keywords to the home page in the first two or three page, study a little, have the following characteristics, the enterprise site back serious personal site also back phenomenon; in the group chat with classmates talk about this thing, all that is the case, a careful analysis should be the Chinese new year, a lot of people, especially in local new webmaster home, or are still on the way home, the update is not convenient, so there is an opportunity.

personal site beat enterprise site not what new things, have company site optimization, but also apply, waiting for the approval of the leadership, the meeting on what; until ready to begin, and not to work during the weekend of the factors, this situation has experience in the work of the webmaster, nothing to do and a month later, and our personal site during the early.

personal site in this one does have advantages, we think of an article can be updated, we found a good long tail keywords can optimize, we have this kind of situation, who is in bed inspired, immediately turn on the computer, you want to achieve something in our on site, this is our biggest advantage.

So the

before and after almost 20 days, for we have the conditions to do keywords to optimize their friends, you can write articles, can do some practical keywords, in this year for the opportunity to operate, go out to do, and why


chance is transient, flexibility is our strengths, we don’t have much money, but we have time, we have passion, we think you can do, though not long, but in some of the above keywords optimization is enough, if we will not let go organic.

as long as we can do that, even if the site is not to the top or the home page, but will receive an unexpected surprise, the search engine will experience our hard work, we did not succeed, but we must not let things drift, will not succeed. Finally, I wish you a happy holiday, happy new year.

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