Which direction should China’s online marketing go in

Internet has been developing rapidly since entering the Chinese market, the number of Internet users is soaring, and the number of webmaster is increasing day by day. But we can see: China’s Internet development seems to follow the United states. At the beginning of the site, fewer webmaster, but also to rely on technology. The stationmaster’s steps are comparatively high. So the websites that started were now giants of the internet. Those original stationmaster also became Internet’s godfather class character. So many people began to envy those people. Follow the trend, but the results are not satisfactory.

we can see some good examples, 123 fire, a lot of people to be jealous. Think of such a simple website, who can not do it?. The results came out, thousands of similar good 123 site station, the result is only a few, such as 265, Czech Republic, home, 114la and so on become a little climate. By 2004, blogs were on fire again, with the advent of Tencent’s QQ space, 51 blogs, and so forth. But only Tencent and 51 made money because they were innovative. In 2005, the concept of information classification of fire, quickly up countless classified information website, most of them are ring end jiamengfei rapid collapse finished, only the first two are still holding out; in 2006, the video site concept of fire or not, so the next year up thousands of video sites, most are dead the only one to play video advertising market in 2007; SNS Facebook was again in the fire, there have been numerous SNS social networking sites, dating sites, most of the fire a boring, though are melting into a lot of money, but who make money? In 2008, B2C PPG and where the fire with OEM mode, so the Internet has appeared on numerous selling shirts B2C website, face more and more competition, recent rumors began to do the PPG boss money out. Examples of this are Too numerous to mention。

so we have to think about it well, what kind of website can survive for a long time, what kind of website can be profitable?.

I think, want to survive on the Internet, we have only constant innovation, when you are in an industry innovation, you are the boss of this industry, you may become the envy of people,

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