Website content change, also do push ups

I start from 2 first with DZ, then gradually hooked on the website, but the highest when I stood on the IP2000 but more! Then no wasted space management! Was blocked for 3 years the site provider! But there is no much improvement in hiring! I 2 year NetEase the yellow pages, I applied to do promotion in Xuzhou area in our city portal have part-time


several times and customer talk I talked about my website, a half dozen forms of deception to pick up the web list! Because many think that I have a relationship with the government! I promise them to stand for them Links, plus advertising! Later I gradually ignored the content of the website. Because I go! Business background! I used to go out! Gradually, also there are many income! (of course with a little computer knowledge people don’t think so!)

for the first time to write something a little touched the North! I mean sometimes we need not only to their own website and how good thinking! Better to do push ups! Let the business with your income is also a good


to go out! Of course, if you receive a list of 1 do not often go back to imitation is not good! These 2 years I have customers do not do business with customers! Good! I rely on the 1 day more than 10 IP can still survive! Many friends think! Sometimes don’t you change the content of a habit of doing! Some push ups, let yourself go live better!!

I wrote this to advertise! I also believe that you need this advertisement! Long ago I received a list of Home Furnishing Hanbang Plaza site list!! they should put their color page printing, advertising business has given us! For the customer to others will see you! Your website has been to many people when they don’t see! Just to stand for a look! A link for me! Thank you! This is the space station


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