Stationmaster fat flowing oil, and poor blood drop

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is higher in 2003, I remember my first pot of gold in the network earn 200 yuan, I earned this trojan by selling 200 yuan, coaxed to make a silly hat obediently put $200 into my account, finally sent him a hacker website can download any to refuse a Trojan, this is my first pot of gold, then slowly development, I collected more and more Trojans, not many on the network need many trojan, steal legendary miracle game like a Trojan horse, is the beginning of a single sale, price range, 50 to 500 yuan, then simply open a a Trojan mall, membership can download all the Trojans, ordinary members of the senior member of VIP 600 yuan, 800 yuan, let me make a little


later because of the space business and technology of garbage, causing the site frequently are black, so angrily simply put the station closed, opened a movie station, I also considered the earliest batch of film station, from the beginning to the later to do publicity, mobile phone SMS alliance, also let me there is a small income, but not always strive for further improvement, a few of my friends as I do at the same time, one of them is from the original small station has been done to open their own SMS alliance, now do the monthly income of hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but I was always in the same place to go

!I am

from the initial monthly income to Wangzhuan monthly income of hundreds of thousands later, to the current monthly income is almost zero, I despair. I think, this is why I didn’t work hard enough? Yes! I am lazy? Yes! I didn’t technology? I don’t think so! I said now, some almost Internet sites, I also can do a assorted! So I want to say, now the webmaster do not want station technology, but the orientation of the website, publicity, and unremittingly spirit! And I do not have the same! Now I was three minutes, want me to manually update the content of the website, almost prohibitively difficult..

, on the contrary, if you are a newbie, does not know what is the content acquisition, what data source code download, no content will give you a complete program, I believe that the novice can do, why? Because he will try to manually add the contents of the website, be strict in demands pay attention to the content of the website, and we are now! Some experienced poor Adsense? If you see an empty program, you can manually update? You do not, you can only go to download a lot of data can be collected, there are procedures to manually update the data you will not diligent, you will only collect you, too lazy to look for someone else to do Links, you lazy to propaganda, as long as you think it will make money on the web, so poor you!!!!

but those who earn hundreds of thousands of every webmaster what they are doing? Poor webmaster will only see the rich webmaster website popularity is high, won’t know the hardships of the mystery, I believe that before the rich webmaster prosperity is poor webmaster, but they make their day to night to think of.

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