Discussion on the importance of website domain name selection

Chinese very name, especially in ancient times, a lot of people think that a name can affect a person’s fate, so until now a lot of people to give him the child should first look at the child’s birthday and then on a computer or online name. Divination good name in the online control under the name of divination zeyang.

although there are many divination websites on the domain name of divination, but almost did not believe, because our webmaster is using their wisdom to control their web site destiny.

a name in ancient people think can affect a person’s destiny, and in modern times, I think a website domain name will also determine the fate of a web site. He said he was influenced by the fate of a web site because it did play an important role in website operations.

role 1. English keywords, domain name contains this keyword, very conducive to ranking.

role two. The site with a good domain name can get rid of search engine control, for most of our personal webmaster, most traffic comes from search engines. And if you have a good domain name that will soon let users remember, even if the search engine uses your opinion, K your station, and your users will just feel loyal to you, and you will still feel a small loss.


is not born in Guilin, but in Guilin, is the love of Guilin Scenery in the world, I love the love here in the local customs and practices, the simple local flavor.

the chance, I learned to do station, and often came to A5 to read a master behind you to share this own experience. It has benefited me a lot.

you always want to do, and they do not know what to do in the station, yesterday and a webmaster friends negotiations, when I asked him what I should do to stand, he asked me where the Guilin forum has no one to do. I said yes, he searched for it and said, "the domain names of those forums are not very good, and they are just starting. You just have to do it well and do it with your heart, and it will certainly surpass him.".

I find

down in the.Com glbbs network and.Cn are registered, disappointed, his first website even a good domain name not. I told him the pain in my heart. He asked my.Cc registration, the meter can also be. I hurried to see it. It turned out that I didn’t register, but I read it for 280 yuan. For a newly graduated intern in the University, there are not three or 280 yuan for one month’s salary. It’s not a small number for me. But I’m determined to buy it and borrow the rent for next month. I’ll buy it even if I’m hungry several times this month. Because I love this city landscape, love website, this is my back I always wanted to do, more afraid of my station will be registered website, I know your stick, SEO is the original and the chain. I do not know the rest of the number, please give your master a lot of advice.

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