10 days without using search engines to reach P500 times per day


had just gone through the dotcom bubble when he was crazy about everything about the web, and built a number of sites at that time. It was about pure HTML built in free space.

remember to use Y365 space, there are a lot of birds use it to estimate. It was built at the music station and didn’t do much to promote it, but later it was about 1000IP a day. Remember when watching IP growth was the happiest thing at that time.

back to business, after work to find a very easy job. So boring and decided to build a website. When you consider the target audience, the first 13 to 24 year old group is thinking of rebellion and the pursuit of fashion. Of course, the brand also has considerable loyalty. So decided to take "they" surgery, choose the most popular QQ non mainstream site.

the first work is of course choose popular easy to remember domain name, www.qq204.com 204 is the University lived for three years in the bedroom number, at the time of application domain, on the side of more than 5 friends inadvertently said this site, most of my colleagues once remember, so the application of. Ha ha, then buy space, pass the program. Ha-ha。 After that, a number of non mainstream content was collected. And then go to sleep without conscience. I thought the sample, tomorrow is waiting for IP. The blossom of sesame.

results, fifth days to open YAHOO statistics, in the heart this cold, all is oneself visit. Using webmaster tools to check. Baidu, YAHOO, GG are not included. Let yourself have ample food and clothing after submitted, to each big engine, upload SITEMAP to see N SEO on the optimization of the article. Then use the SITE+ URL every day. It’s just like crazy. So waiting for the search engine included is not the way ah. What should I do,


then asked a friend who was planning, and a friend said, "what you are going to do now is take the initiative.". You should first analyze the psychology of the target audience. What kind of sites do they often go to?. Love what kind of content, in addition to its own characteristics and site optimization, you can also go to the target audience more focused advertising stickers Post Bar forum released, the sea is not a great achievement, but as long as you are confident in doing their own website optimization at the same time, with the perseverance of publicity, I believe that is the logical flow. What.

I feel justified, so the Internet star news view, found that the current Edison Chan and several actress pornographic related forums and Post Bar attention generally improved, and students of the event extraordinary attention, so the star posted by Baidu in every long-term post, timely broadcast the latest event process of course, are good news, the news content is from 163 other sites excerpt, but with the news pictures with www.qq204.com watermark LOGO, for the website.

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