Kabasiji newspaper Google advertising JS code, including Trojan virus reflection

in fact, Kabasiji is not the first time false positives, previously false positives, Baidu home Trojan virus. But, everyone on the Baidu trust degree is higher, and this may be a lot of common website hung Google ad code, so there is a Trojan virus in the newspaper, users must think the website containing a Trojan virus, and the common sites may not be able to make you trust.

I want to

here, if there is a day when the 360 reported QQ Trojan, you will how to uninstall the 360 or uninstall QQ? From this question and explained what? Once as the biggest rogue Zhou Hongyi, created 360 really is the rogue, rogue or want to do more? From the 360 navigation strong push, I think the possibility of a large number of. In any case, 360 of the local computer is definitely a double-edged sword.

Google Kabasiji AdSense ad code, trojan virus event details:

afternoon at about two o’clock, I was browsing a well-known Chinese personal blog, when accessing a page, Kabasiji reported a Trojan virus, Trojan horse named Trojan.JS.Redirector.ar.


at first I just thought that the third party JS code that the blog called contains viruses (everyone knows the statistics of the third party, and often contains Trojans, especially the previous YAHOO statistics.). But later, when I browsed one of my websites, I also reported a Trojan horse. For my website, I am the most clear, but I have only third of the two code, one is Baidu, and the other is Google, is it two of them boss,


so I followed Kabasiji and found that the Trojan was the JS code for Google AdSense pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js. I upgraded Kabasiji again, or was there a Trojan horse?.

I went online to search for the news, no one mentioned the news, and no news to Google blog. Maybe I found it earlier, so I was the first one to find out, because during that time I was browsing the pages with Google ads until the Kabasiji reported Trojan horse.

in the evening, I came home from work to search the news on the Internet and found that many people mentioned this problem. At 18:10, Google Chinese company said Google AdSense advertising system was hacked, that Kabasiji should be false. 20 in the evening, Kabasiji China company confirmed false positives, and said it has repaired the fault, is gradually restored, users update the virus library can be restored to normal. And I upgraded the virus library, so far still reported trojan virus (pictured below),

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