20 bloody lessons why do startup failed

lead: CB Insights company in-depth analysis of 101 papers written by the founder of the reasons for the failure of the article, to explore the root causes of their failure in the mind of his company.


when the founder of the start-up company to turn off the company, they tend to write an article on the circle of people to explain their detours, this article is called failure analysis. It is estimated that every 10 companies have 9 will fail, which is why the reasons for the failure of the Silicon Valley has become hackneyed and stereotyped expressions emerge in an endless stream. This kind of article written some honest, brave, and some only know provide much material for thought, shirk responsibility, or don’t think you have what should review. When entrepreneurs: the reasons for the failure, they are often the most favored by Twitter co-founder Ivan Williams founded the publishing platform in Medium.

The reasons for the failure of the

come into fashion, creating a fantastic failure worship phenomenon, it seems to be a move. Celebrate failure ("fail fast" has become a pet phrase) can let those who seem to fail due to improper people out of trouble. Further investigation will find that this does not seem too much. To open up a fast-growing business like riding a roller coaster. Under the weight of founder and CEO must always put on a successful appearance, even behind the glossy surface, the company actually already in a disastrous state. In April 2013, after the tragic death of Jody, Ecomom’s chief executive, the technology industry began to admit that it was a matter of fact that the "entrepreneur is a hero", as it has always been respected, had a problem with the. It takes a lot of courage to admit defeat and review it. It can also be a variety of personal experience as a case for other entrepreneurs to learn.

CB Insights depth analysis of 101 articles written by the founder of the failure of the company, to explore the root causes of their own company’s failure in mind. After analyzing the data, the company said on Thursday that 42% of the respondents chose the main reason for the failure of start-up companies, the lack of market demand for products.


this is self-evident. If you don’t want your product, your company won’t succeed. But a lot of startups are just making products that people don’t want, and they’re not trying to persuade people to accept them.

one of the most obvious examples of this phenomenon is the phone. In the mobile phone just came out, people think it is just a new gadget, not how seriously. Now, of course, the phone is nothing new. Steve, co-founder of, a Apple Corp, famously said, "many times, people don’t really know what they really need until they wake up in front of them." (Apple)." The problem is a lot of entrepreneurship

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