Cruel comment the performance of individual stationmaster disaster lets me be disappointed

Sichuan earthquake occurred a few days, people all over the country are trying to contribute to the disaster areas, but gradually some of the owners of some of the performance began to let me down.

in the QQ group, in the post bar, in the forum, there are more and more people with the aid of disaster, donations and other names to promote their website. It is not easy but long-life personal website in any case harder than the situation of peasants workers and how you when they are out of the home a little contribution to the disaster area when rice money, some personal webmaster also for a few cents on some personal tricks you blush,

in one of my QQ groups, someone named "contribute a force to the disaster area." XXXXXX can link to the donation page…"

If you really want to

the official donation page posted on your page ah I get points n pop-up ads on this point you are making contributions to the disaster area? Even if there is a donation to see you screen pop-up ads impulse virus chaos newspaper also dare to donate ah

also has a person in the post, posting that enter a certain website, send a post, I donate a dollar…. Just look at the website, in order to make money, what advertising attitude.. I wonder if it made a post that people will donate it, we are lack of this money.

has a technician to increase the flow of people caught rumors condemning in the forum a wish is not because of his punishment by hacking process but because of rumors behavior that others and I said enough not illegal but the human nature and the distinction between what

in fact, has been personal Adsense reputation is bad, this I also know, I have been trying to refute, have been trying to do well, let others value personal Adsense, but a piece of stinky meat can stir the full pot fishy


personal webmaster don’t in order to earn a little money to increase their own ah


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