Baidu ranked bid by the way how to universally condemned

is the largest Baidu search engine Chinese Chinese search engine, occupy a great market, because it do good publicity, and rich products, in line with the Chinese the tastes of users, so the new Internet users to Baidu as a search tool of choice, making the development of Baidu, but Baidu has grown in the development at the same time, we have witnessed some let ordinary people can not understand and can not accept some of the policy, which is the Baidu PPC one. Baidu PPC, is a way to pay by effect of network promotion. With a small amount of input, it can bring a large number of potential customers to enterprises, and effectively enhance sales and brand awareness. Keywords enterprise in Baidu registered with the product, the enterprise will be for customers to find these products, PPC billing according to the number of potential customers to bring enterprise access to the enterprise network, can flexibly control the promotion of investment, maximum return. It is also because of this, many enterprises take to do the bidding, the purpose is to allow enterprises to increase exposure to improve the enterprise’s profit in this way, but now Baidu’s policy had no small change, leading to competitive ranking there are a lot of false information to mislead consumers, causing some users the report revealed resentment and the CCTV, so Baidu PPC how to

this situation?

one, one dominant position determines its development strategy

Since the

Baidu Inc was established in 2000, has been committed to make it easier for people to get information, "chain of 5 years on the successful listing in the United States, and become the global capital market in 2005 the most striking of the listed company, listed at the beginning has created many millionaires, it can be said that Baidu is to create a myth of the Internet also, therefore, Baidu went from a small business to grow into a bully of the enterprise, once occupied nearly 80% Chinese Chinese search market, the realization of the unity of the world preliminary. However, it is because of Baidu’s rapid growth and great achievements dazzled by surprise in the formulation of development strategy and other international search engines on the opposite, in the bidding policy, Baidu against the public bidding, the ranking on the left side, and the natural ranking mixed together, it can play a certain effect, confuse the user’s judgment, increase income. We all know that Baidu’s bidding price is in accordance with the degree of hot and cold keyword set, general keyword search of large amount of charge is high, so Baidu search as a Chinese leader, occupy a great search market, then it will make full use of every opportunity to increase revenue, because of Baidu’s superior position in the market that attracted most of the Internet users use Baidu search engine, then Baidu will not give up so much traffic? No! Will take some policies for their own sake?! so Baidu uses a bid ranking placed on the left side of the practice, we do not comment on this is right or wrong, but with the continuous development of Baidu that attracts more and more users, PPC has gradually appeared.

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