A5 webmaster, let me have the confidence to stand up again

first thanks A5 for its website reviews, and thanks for the dream River, thanks to all the many A5 brothers who helped me point out the shortcomings. Through your business to Hong Hong network promotion detailed review, let us understand a lot, but also under your guidance, we have a new revision of the site. Now the revision is almost done, but I hope the brothers can point out the shortcomings.

, my website was posted on July 24th. We have carefully studied the inadequacies of your brothers. There are many brothers are saying that the site is highly imitative of others, in fact, this is the problem between us and that site, and I do not want to say the specific, but also regarded as their own private bar. Now, I just want to open up my career at once, and try my best to serve every station.

in all of the comments have a lot to say the content of the site is not very clear, this we have left to a lot of burden, launched what we do the most important content of "network promotion planning, soft service" the main content, service content of secondary us to put him in a corner. We will gradually set up their own brand, and now we are preparing to cooperate with the webmaster China Forum, website promotion and soft text. And Adsense cooperation purpose is to serve the majority of webmaster, let more webmaster find their own site positioning way, for Adsense free provide promotion scheme. This is also clearly pointed out that you guys do website service, let others feel you do and others are different, you can bring more value for them, we want is a win-win result.

in this review, let us also learn a lot of content, not only in the website, in other areas, we also harvest a lot, and also thank you for your support. Thanks to A5 for us to provide a platform for this exchange, so that each of us as a platform for the protagonist of the emergence. Give us a chance to show and learn and make up for more of my deficiencies. As a webmaster, I also deeply understand the difficulty of doing standing, I also brilliant before, I also once this year, a monthly income of about one hundred thousand, this is not a flicker. But for some reason I failed now, but that doesn’t mean I’ll fail forever. I will have my own strength, in a stand up, in a time to create their own piece of the sky.

at A5, I learned a lot of new things I didn’t know before, and I met many friends. I got help here, and I helped others. Especially for this site review, I feel very deep, there are many friends are willing to help some of the difficulties of the webmaster. A5 in this big family, we help each other together. We all create a better way to live on our own network.

in this complex network world, both opportunities and challenges, as long as you pay attention to the heart, really for the sake of others, in good faith to impress people, using real action to go

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