How to improve the weight of new sites How to improve the weight of the website in the early days


how to enhance the weight of the site? How to improve the weight of the site early? How to improve the weight of new sites?

website weight equivalent to the status of people, your position is high prestige, speak weight. As a person, if you want to climb, one is their own ability, ability, followed by your interpersonal relationship. The same is true of websites. The quality of home page websites is high, such as original content, new ideas and so on. Secondly, the powerful is understanding people. Back to the site, a fledgling new station, if no weight words generally ranked very low weight, the higher you stand, your keywords ranking will flow more naturally, therefore, improve the site weight is must face each new problem, below I explain I personally think that increased

weight method

1, content should be done:

no matter what method you use, whether original or false original, must take the contents filled the site just on the line, or how to promote it, so improve the weights of the first step, rich content on your site, of course, but also to ensure the quality of. The so-called "content is king, links to later" rich and rich content of the site will be optimized for the back to do a good foreshadowing.

second, high quality links, like a person want to climb, you must know a powerful person. The search engine is high weight website link to your website on behalf of your website by the trust, so the manufacturing link is one of the essential method to improve the weights, and here have stressed is high quality, for which those who blog and forum reply even low quality, low quality links and not effect, but the effect of will be small. Of course, the early stage because there is no weight, no one is willing to interactive links, you can first send some blog, and slowly raise the weight, and then exchange high-quality links.

third, the appropriate SEO for the new station, the weight is not very high, so the optimization should be appropriate, in fact, the above two also belongs to the category of SEO, now it is emphasized that the internal structure such as keyword layout, keyword density and so on, the new SEO marks not too heavy, especially at the beginning, middle, keywords layout. End with keywords.

four, soft grammar

this is also now the webmaster use the most method, a good soft Wen, so that we can’t see you are advertising. And like soft Wen release better place, there are webmaster nets, the first webmaster nets, Knight master station, outdated BBS, push a BBS, etc.. Do not know BD now outside the chain algorithm has changed, even if there is no hyperlink, as long as your domain name is also appeared as a link.

five, regularly updated

website weight promotion can not do without persistent efforts, the content of the site is best updated every day, add something new every day, so that website weight will gradually improve.

anyway, raise >

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