Actual combat experience summed up the website ranking 6 million

website ranking, website traffic is every webmaster concern, the flow can be directly converted into RMB, ranking often increases along with the increase in flow, high ranking, natural increase your credibility, increase the customer base.

After graduating from school,

began to gain a thorough understanding of the Internet and found that there was so little learning in the school. This is not the fault of the school, but we ourselves after more than a decade of efforts to enter the University, only to relax atmosphere, so play more time than high school study time. Want to learn how many things, you can see naturally, is such a learning point, so learn a little, all understand only about. After taking a job, it is really more in-depth study, focusing on the design of this aspect of the site. Fortunately, after all, the school still has a certain foundation, progress is very fast, and gradually meet the needs of customers of various websites.

always builds websites for others, sees the satisfaction of customers, and sees so many people searching for information on their website. Heart at the same time, but also kept thinking, I also want to do a station?. After a thought struggle, decided to do the webmaster, and bold to quit work, do full-time webmaster, to do, to make a little achievement, to do, will do big. Many city looked the field has a more authoritative portal website, and I’m in the Miao Town is not such a habenulae information rich site, I decided to do the name of Hong Kong, information portal, information network and other common gateway station they have been used, finally named "Qiandongnan hotline", and from others snatched a good point of the domain name.

took a few months to find out that it’s easy to do website, but to let more people know, to make money, that is the survival of the site, that is the most important link. A few months can not see improvement, website ranking "tens of millions", blind Xiamang months. But can’t wait to take the initiative to the bookstore, book, online search, list a number of problems, to choose suitable, it can achieve the effect. Through online learning, coupled with the analysis of the local network market, and finally draw a conclusion. Such a local portal, through the network to promote the introduction of traffic, but most of the field, and our goal is still in the local. However, in such a small city inhabited by ethnic minorities, the network consciousness is too weak, and the number of people who know the Internet is too little, which increases the difficulty of publicity. After much deliberation, only the use of "ground tactics", whether they understand, let him know the "Qiandongnan hotline" this word to say. The following tasks were done:

1, crazy sticker advertising psoriasis". In the streets and lanes, household corridor, wall lamp, put them all. Understand the nature of the network will come in to see, do not understand, but also know the name of the site.

2, hair leaflets. In small cities, there are few fliers on the street at random. Printed tens of thousands of leaflets, distributed everywhere, encountered a computer will introduce a few words, let them go up to publish information. Behind the proxy for a DM ad, the net >

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