Double the traffic lost on the site

has been a station for some time and wants to write something, but he doesn’t know where to begin. Writing experience, my experience is not enough, write operations, I am not qualified station. However, there is a little experience to share with you. Webmaster friends, especially new sites, do a certain amount of traffic, will always feel that the flow of the site like a bottleneck, it is difficult to go to the first floor, and flow IP constantly missing situation, how to do?


once, I also worry about the incident, my station released more than a month, after all sorts of promotional efforts (this is needless to say, this article has innumerable online, finally on the day IP) more than 1000. But two weeks later, how to promote the site traffic, still can not go up, and is slowly reduced, the content is the same every day to update the article, but most still original, included a good search engine. How to do it? When you are upset and unable to solve it, one day at last you get inspiration from another website, and you find one that allows traffic to flow back twice. That day, because I prefer to read comic books, to find a few free online comic network to watch, such as new animation network, nine comic network. However, the most frequently to go is a new comic station, eight Zi comic network, that is, in this network, inspired me to break through the bottleneck of traffic methods. Is this, in reading a comic book inside at the bottom of page has a very sexy banner, every time I went there to have a look at, with a same URL, I directly copy this same site open, hey, good stuff, is the original 3Q flow exchange, as long as the registration, you can exchange instant flow. Do not need any audit, only need to register the return flow, try, no virus. So immediately on the 3Q traffic Union free registration, note the user name, hang the code, the style is quite a lot, oh, you can also customize, suitable for all kinds of advertising. I am in the hope of no attitude to hang this exchange flow advertising. Unexpectedly, the night into statistics, more than yesterday’s more than 200 IP, and then open the 3Q management statistics, today, points into: 68, 3Q for you to point out: 211, 3 times more. Oh, really good, really is the willow Liu Cheng yin. Unexpectedly, the outflow to the flow, but also back to 3 times the rate of return, from now on no longer afraid of loss flow. Here and meet traffic bottleneck and want to increase the flow of webmaster friends share.

although my station flow is not big, but I want to try more methods to refresh the highest flow, study together and make progress together.

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