How many ads in the art of mobile advertising

recent network, television and other mobile phone art signature advertising more and more, you signed it? I believe there are many webmaster website put such an ad.

my site Shenzhen machine network: received a mobile phone users to report the art signature scam, let us take a look at this art signature is how to allow mobile phone users to enter the SMS consumer trap.

below is the original, a bit long, I hope the webmaster can look down, stop this omission as a liar.

a person watching TV at home on Sunday, TV commercials kept the art of signature, can not stand the temptation to write down the way: the name of the Chinese Unicom sent to 1066888869. Immediately put their name in accordance with the requirements made in the past, and then received the content: you demand (10668888) SMS interactive business, send each message, collect fees of $2, China Unicom tips. 2009-03.08 14:40."

then received a text message from 106688886962, it seems that the same number just released, the contents are as follows:

"signature: * *. Please select a signature pattern:

edit name Unicom sent to 1066888869.

221 document signature

222 seal signature

223 art signature

224 curlycue signature

225 vertical signature

reply 3 digit selection

thought is the signature art experts to help design I sent, who knows this and let the reply, because just received Unicom friendly prompt a two dollars, I feel uncomfortable, but also how to reply back to a two dollars ah, not to return it has spent two yuan on the back what do we think about it, back to a document or honest signature, the others do not know, but also to avoid a hair even I do not know the white four dollars, then back to the 221 immediately received a text message, thought this certainly sent signature, who knows, also no signature, message content is as follows: from 106688886962, is still just the number, 2009-03-08 14:41

"you select the font has been confirmed, reply to digital signature background:

beautiful choice

226 New Year wishes

227 stunning beauty

228 embossed gold

229 romantic love


220 snow all over the skyThis

is a bit depressed, this is not deceptive? How does not send the signature, but also reply, reply again and not two dollars did not return to it, has been made, back to it, but back to the New Year blessing "which?

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