To become a real webmaster indispensable condition

I think to be a good webmaster should have the "Invincible Ugly heroine Lin invincible such work spirit and perseverance adhere to their own beliefs! Don’t talk about the first image of the heroine, we only talk about the advantages of her body; I do not know if you have seen this as it is a comedy? Department of incentive drama.

Lin invincible to start looking for a job candidates, as long as the problem she recruited countless companies they have been refused, but she still did not give up or not to miss any opportunity, just like we just do the grassroots station long, because no experience, no credibility; so, it will be like a headless flies start running, to seize every opportunity to promote their own blindly, without considering the methods and skills of


finally to Lin invincible because of some reason luck was hired to work; we like these small from the above blind promotion a little publicity; so, as long as the pay will be harvested regardless of how much is


Lin Wudi began to work in the company, but for her to suffer the humiliation came; boss and colleagues of bullying and humiliation……

as we enter the ranks of the webmaster, you will meet numerous large and small competition and challenges……

boss and colleagues because she was loyal, kind hearts probation, they began to love Shanglin invincible; her boss about two to her loyalty, wisdom and courage to seek, make the company through the difficulties again and again; finally, even the boss cannot do without her, finally due to her loyalty wisdom and goodness, boss of the whole company are mortgaged to her; from this extremely tired at the end of the love and cannot do without the middle transition is hard and cost many times more than others pay Lin invincible!!!

it’s not as simple as I said. It takes her superhuman perseverance and courage to carry on, the hardships, the pain, the sadness, the helplessness…………


is unspeakable, it’s like we like from a webmaster webmaster become a cipher with a great reputation, but also we need to pay more than the efforts and hard work of others many times, we need more stamina and courage to persist, bitterness and pain which only come the webmaster understand


who do not persist in grassroots, they do not want to pay, no perseverance and courage to stick to the end; so, we see the webmaster brilliant side, the scenery of the side; but forgot before they become owners is very difficult and painful behind……

finally, Lin invincible do


finally, the real webmaster did it, so they all succeeded,


another: plus a hard fee, ha ha! (

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