Sum up 6 years of experience in operating a web site in a web company

Hello everyone, today I am very happy to work in the network company for 6 years, the company has a lot of website traffic is very high, of course, I also set up a website, now is independent on ip5000, if your site can have the IP number, then congratulations, you have been successful in half, from the start don’t make much money, must be in stable and do not engage in what cheating in violation of the search engine operation, then the tragedy of grassroots we really vulnerable! We put hard run of site traffic to the 5000ip to learn to cherish, cherish their efforts to get the results, because of different 2003-05 at that time, a few simple single page can get 1 days of 1 thousand yuan of income, it is not bragging, that is a lot of master can achieve revenue is now different, before The Internet is at a low stage, many cases are not predictable, and now Internet advertising across the country have continued to shrink, because advertisers now pay attention to two words, high efficiency! Benefits for advertisers, who will invest a lot of money by advertising, to our website the main bag, but now, a lot of the cost of advertising to our website, the hand of the Lord, we can bring benefits to the main focus of advertising, this is the problem of


a webmaster daily income of 50 yuan in advertising, but you can bring more than 50 yuan main income to advertising, if not, then the advertisers are not stupid, despite the loss of time, but the second will not be again advertising, so this is a dilemma at present, website the quality is not good, led directly to advertisers and advertising expenses consumed, so buyers online advertising advertisers will continue to decrease, so the network advertisement is the main site seller’s income will continue to decrease, life is more and more difficult! This is a situation of a network advertisement market how! To deal with this situation, I talk about my views!

one, the website chief must be full of confidence. This is a key point, everything is not Everything is going smoothly., step by step, because success is not as successful as just, because the choice of the Internet, you have recognized it, you must switch, this is the key Oh, why the Internet can make you full of confidence, you think? The Internet is a promising industry, because he always gives people in life, work on a tool for high efficiency. On this point, we recognized it, you think you chat through the network 1 hours cost is 2 yuan, if the phone calls an hour, you think how much money, at least 20 yuan! Send an email for a few seconds, 3 days to mail you the fastest to Nantou there are many! I no longer examples, I just want to prove that the Internet is an efficiency, a tool to reduce costs, industry can not be eliminated, at least until 2100 is recognized, will not say that! All those words, only you approve of it you can participate in, you will be more passionate, >

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