The webmaster is not forgotten but nothing

this article should have been written in May 3rd, but has not been written for a variety of reasons. Today, seeing again until early in the morning, but also put the code out of this article, we look at the smile is good, also welcome different views.

May 2nd, 28 push evergreen released a blog, you can see the specific content. In the QQ group stand in a row in some friends asked the guardian: home owners and owners from A5 more and more far? Followed by the A5 forum to cancel the signature of this function, this is followed by the chain on judge another blow. More and more webmaster caught in confusion, the site is becoming more and more difficult to do? In this regard, the guardian also issued their views.

1: the stationmaster has not been forgotten.

for the adjustment of Baidu webmaster has slowly accustomed to believe, and we talk about the most is the master of the house and A5, these two sites are most relevant to the owners, and the two site from the station more and more far. Is that really the case? For this, individuals are negative. The home of stationmaster and A5 are not farther and farther from stationmaster. In fact, we judge the standard is very simple, the webmaster home and A5 portal, home page content has been occupied by science and technology, there are very few webmaster experience sharing class. But you want to have a real problem, every day how many webmaster and SEO workers to provide high quality original content for them? How many of these contents and grassroots webmaster related? We certainly not thought about this problem. Because too many friends just wait for new articles to come out. Copy paste change link paste release. Under such circumstances, how much quality is there in this vicious circle? Who wants to share?. So wrong is not the webmaster home and A5, wrong is our own.

two: webmaster house and A5 quality content where,


because of the first problem, many webmaster friends will ask: "webmaster house and A5 quality content in where?". Just like the home of the stationmaster, the content of column still has certain value to exist. For example, A5, the operation column, tutorial column, or can see more. There are still a lot of valuable content, but too many webmaster friends feel that these content is too simple, these experiences are too idealistic. In fact, not idealistic, but others succeeded, and you can not, and think about it,


three: are we really the webmaster?

we are really stationmaster? This topic before the guardian wrote an article (the guardian review: we really is the webmaster?), we are interested can go to my blog, or the owners of the house, standing in a row, A5, real name network marketing website forum to see. Now, because the site is too simple, a domain name, a space and a program, we have to get a site. At this time I call myself stationmaster. Guardian said that this is just a blog, personal homepage, personal space >

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