Some thoughts on the conversion rate of websites

do network promotion, SEO also has six months, first do enterprise stand, now do online shopping class site, every day listen to conversion rate, PV those words. Sometimes feel very distressed, because every webmaster is thinking how to improve these various indicators. Especially as online store category, high conversion rate means high sales volume, which means the end of the year a little extra bonus. But we usually do it have really noticed the deep source of these targets? Thought the cause of these data? Today I share with you about the site conversion rate, my thoughts.

before talking about this, we should first say a concept, what is called conversion rate, each site has a purpose, regardless of what kind of site it is, then this purpose is to transform the results. As I write this article, it is natural to share the experience with you, that means more people see me to write more successful, which means more strangers will see this article, indicating that the high conversion rate. Look at other types of stations, including online shopping malls, vertical stations, or enterprise stations. Their existence is nothing more than a clear purpose, and this goal is the result of their pursuit of transformation.

below, I have some understanding of the conversion rate.

first, the website lacks clear goals. Careful Internet users may find that when you browse the website, you will find that some pages even look back and forth many times, and you don’t know what they want to express. This shows that he does this web page when he does not know what his purpose is, the target is not clear, naturally do not know how to do it. For online shopping mall category, you are pursuing a natural high sales, high performance. But what drives it on the web? The recent long tail theory, as you know, is often 80% of sales coming from 20% of the product. If you want to increase performance through these 20% products, then you should focus on this part of the transformation, and try to improve the conversion of this part of the product. If you want to expand your influence and capture your customers through a large number of visitors to your website, you should focus on how to improve your site traffic, that is, why you want it to be targeted.

second, the site entry does not correspond to the landing page. Often people will find online everywhere that "this can get 100QQ coins", "Beauty video" the temptation of links, whether text, picture or animation form, you must have this when, for example when downloading the software on some web sites there are some of the download, but when you are gone you will find, is not the case. What do you think at this time,


, of course, was cursed in the mind, ha ha. That’s normal. Being lied to is certainly bad. But we have a lot of webmaster in doing the station, also can appear this kind of situation, no matter intentionally or unintentionally, when others found, you also hurt others. He will quit you immediately

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