Website financing looks beautiful, but operate with caution

in the stock market in 2015 "financing" this word will remember each of the hearts of investors, a sudden "crash" and financing are inextricably linked, on the Internet, some entrepreneurs from the construction site after a certain stage of development of website operation, website development needs more financial support funds, sometimes become the restriction site the development of the fetters, and this time, "financing" has become a key factor to decide the fate of the website, but the financing looks beautiful, but there are many risks, and even make a good website to destruction, the most recent news "South Beauty founder Zhang Lan was kicked out of the news, Zhang Lan’s largest failure is to market and financial companies, results in financial channels on the



talked about financing, there are many successful examples, such as the rapid development of the early group of Alibaba, after obtaining Softbank group $20 million in venture capital, soon developed rapidly, however, according to insiders said that Softbank Sun Zhengyi gave $30 million Ma and Ma, for fear of losing on the management of Ali, finally only the 20 billion, from the scale of development of the Alibaba today, not greedy Ma did the right thing. The same time, the rapid development of facing billions of the increasing flow of the server, but it is difficult to find a profitable way, once the funds, Ma Huateng will sell $1 million Tencent, at this time, the Tencent to get VCs favor, thus financing, in the most difficult time of a meteoric rise, opened quickly development track.

reasonable financing helps the rapid development of enterprises, and now the Internet will be financing as a show off, even to get many rounds of venture capital proud, and even opened the Internet "burn money" war. In order to fast development, in order to occupy a space for one person in the hot Internet, by way of financing, quickly occupy the site without doubt, however, that money is piling up, like a "Jiangshan" around the tree and the vine, but a capital chain is broken, or the loss of the supply of funds, it is easy to fall into dilemma, the Internet there are several giant merger "drama", including Youku potatoes, fast drops, 58 city market etc., between the boss and the second why vertical market from enemies into relatives? Insiders said, "the Internet taxi first and second merger, or is the video site in the first and second merger confirmed the attitude of the market or investors". These are the capital control of the company, basically lost the right to speak, may have lost the original taste of entrepreneurship, forget the beginning of the heart has been "in the political arena, involuntarily" embarrassing


although the construction site to the website operation promotion process, want to open the fast development mode, financing is essential, but the operation must be careful, such as early, is indeed a very good development prospects, it is the need for money, there is such a strong desire, and now many Internet Co.

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