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children’s Web site and software designer Deb Gelman once published in the "A List Apart" magazine, "Designing Fun" article, detailing how to design interesting Internet products. This paper expounds the problem from the following aspects: definition, research, construction and evaluation. CSDN compiles the text.

what is "fun",


"when I see something concrete, I can know and make it clear,"

in 1964, in the case of Jacobellis v. Ohio, the Supreme Court of the United States tried to ban a movie called "Obscene" (obscenity) in the Ohio area. "Obscenity" is a well understood but difficult concept. Judge Potter Stewart also argued that explicit obscenity was impossible to define, but "I knew it when I saw it.".

for the designers, we always have a lot of customers from the vague adjectives, as they told us, "I hope my website" cool "point" or "can make people excited," "to tide" and so on. When we ask more questions, they will say, "I can’t describe the website to you, but when I see it, I know."."

"fun" is a particularly difficult concept to define. When we design web sites for different content for users, we hear users say that.

is good, we can understand the "interesting" of the word, not good, is the designer and customer, more important is the same with the user to understand the "interesting" and often determines the success of the site.

so what should designers do,


fortunately, we can also make interesting designs without relying on the "I know when I see it" approach. Although it has much to do with the individual, but by definition, research, construction and evaluation, we conclude that one can put "interesting" into a long-term effective method in design, at the same time the design process will add a lot of fun.

designed for fun,

the products I design are all related to children. In my design experience, I summarize some design steps that help me make many interesting designs. Although they are not perfect, they help me (and clients) to cross the "I know when I see" design phase.

below is the design step:

definition, classification, research, design, testing,

defines fun as

At the end of

, I designed a for Georgia Public Television

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