Site navigation station, only by industry, personalized Road, in order to create a myth

site navigation station development of the road to the birth of hao123 as the beginning, and now has gone through 10 years. Site navigation station once brilliant old believe that many Internet users are witnesses, filed a site navigation station, people first thought is hao123 and 265 year old, many netizens on the Internet "first" is perhaps to hao123 or 265, their home is likely to have been the two sites occupied by the moment, the two brilliant should be the site navigation station for ten years the epitome of the development. Hao123 used to be the online home page and essential tool for millions of primary Internet users, while 265 also accounted for half of the site navigation stations. Hao123 was later acquired by Baidu, the 265 acquisition by Google, immediately to the site navigation station fire up, but also makes two website owners Li Xingping and Cai Wensheng fame, between Li Xingping and Cai Wensheng’s story has become a leisure time webmaster keen to discuss the topic, a simple web site navigation, what is the reason for its "hit"

?The success of

will always have a large number of people to imitate, site navigation station technology itself is not complicated, just a good domain name, a program can fix a navigation station, especially now 114 open source code, more webmaster can easily set up a navigation station. Site navigation stations have sprung up in recent years. But most of them are imitation hao123265, or 114. These successful navigation station, navigation station is more, but not what innovation, but not what the real money market, the site navigation station is not much, more people with the nature of a wanpiao do their own site navigation station, traffic guide. The success of something easy to imitate, but success is difficult to replicate, hao123 abroad has been described as "a fool who put a lot of links to take up the ugly things, Robin Li is too vulgar to be endured." "it’s so easy that you cannot go". Is such a simple kind of website, but changed the habits of many Internet users, affecting the pattern of Internet development.

this just shows a simple idea can change the process of network development, a simple user demand may rise an industry. In the heavily saturated market, the same site too much on the simple imitation website, copy the idea, of course can not occupy the market share, the main reason for this is now the site navigation station embarrassing situation caused by. Specific can be summarized as the following reasons:

first, user habits and First impressions are strongest site navigation station first promotion way, causing the user only hao123265114. These successful navigation station phenomenon. Hao123 at that time in the environment, primary Internet users to understand the network is low, Internet cafes business is also very popular, using bundled Internet browser and third party pirated xpIE home page way, hao123 gained huge flow. 265114 it is also so, 114 is because users rely on XP ylmf bundled Home >

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