n three years of grassroots webmaster career, how successfully transformed

today just happens to be the 3rd anniversary day when I’m a grass root webmaster. I’m an amateur grass root webmaster, because I’ve been working, and I’m a technician of an Internet company. I want to share with you in this three years here, I is how to adapt to the operation of their website, when the site operators encounter difficulties, I is how to successfully transition? I am here to say that the transformation refers to the scope of the Internet in transition, rather than abandon the Internet to do other work.

in July 2007 after graduating from university I enter a Internet Co engaged in the maintenance of the site, after more than a month of practice, have a very great interest in their own website, also started quickly, may have a relationship with me in the university major, University computer, learned C language, c++, Java, database and network knowledge. Just work soon, just want to own a website, on the third day of the idea, began to do their own website, that is to do with php+mysql, they also independently made a simple background, the practice time, personal time than more, I probably use half a month’s time, the website onstage and the backstage basically good, so I buy a virtual host and domain name, this website is seen standing in this week, three years ago, this time on the line, now in operation, the following share how I run the station.


station probably do three months later, it started a little income, it was the site of the main flow from Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Tencent blog, the daily flow of about 5000-10000ip, the daily income of about 50-80, which lasts about 3 months later, the Tencent blog will not let the chain website. Rapid decline in traffic. I need to find a new method, then found a lot of people do SEO in some forums, they are based on the keywords Google hot list to do, then add links to your site, so I also use this method to do, start not much traffic, about a month later, found that the flow is good, more than 10 thousand IP every day, you very satisfied, this way for half a year. After this method has been some restrictions, the method also has invalid, fortunately, when your site PR rose to 6, when he was worried, buy a link people to find me, say I want to buy a link, I found good, began selling links, when the price is 60-80 yuan / month, in April this year, I stood PR changed from 6 to 5, the market price of the link also decreased, so far, by selling their links but also earn about 6000 yuan, but I found that this type of Web site traffic is more and more difficult, Google price is poor, every day spent a lot of time, but also very tired, so I like the transition (now the site traffic every day in 2000-3000ip, every day I simply send a few articles).

because he is engaged in the website technician work, oneself also met some friends, through and >

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