5 million and 33 days of horizontal view network has been close at hand

sent an article in September 9th, "Wang" can you run to the cross time, said about the recent speculation ignition "cross network" of some of the strengths and weaknesses, the good news is that this article is "looking at the network manager Duan Fei’s attention, and communicate with me. Many. To make Duanfei I feel very honored, at least Duanfei than I known, some aspects of the experience is more of the world than I have seen, wide, some ideas are new, let me talk to him this small place small learn a lot.

also proves that after we write soft have to write some actual real things, I am a small local industry website small webmaster, my screen name 809 generation (QQ:397251430), I don’t need a web site to webmaster nets to promotion, I wanted to write soft Wen Hui to friends, many make some real work friends, learn something from them, and then use the site to my little actual operation to make my site for me to generate economic benefits.

as the communication between us is always with a sincere heart, flying above the "cross" the development of good news he will tell me earlier, then the exchange, because the "cross" now there are problems, in order to develop better, these problems must be resolved, so with others communication is a must. A few days ago I know business investment intention to invest 5 million to "cross the net", I hear this, I really envy, 5 million ah, I envy the little webmaster almost fainted, "Wang" only a few days ah, there are investors willing to give it money, review looking at the development of the network.

from July 14, 2008 to 16, the site did 3 days, 16 on-line, from time to dispatch (September 17th), see the net has been on-line for 33 days.

, as of now, interviewed by 4 television stations, 5 newspapers contacted 5 investors, 1 of whom were regular investment firms.

33 days, these mentioned above in just 33 days occurred, 33 days in general for a new site means what, this needless to say, webmaster friend all know very well. If you think carefully, it can be a certainty to "see the net".

had to mention that cross network innovation consciousness, it is worth learning, the site is now so much, how in the thousands on thousands of similar sites in a talent shows itself is a problem, is not easy to solve the problem, here more we need to innovate new ideas with new ideas, for the first time attract the attention of others, let others remember you. Again is "horizontal look at the net" team, "horizontal view network" although it is personal website, but show in front of others, horizontal look network has been in the form of team show. Look at the young college team behind the net, although it has not made any big things now, but what this team should see is continuous innovation, continuous learning, and constantly exceeding

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