From 5 thousand P to 20 thousand P, spent two days!

look at a few Tutu   here is


two: This is my website’s September 8, 2008 traffic statistics       access 9710; IP       ;     browse 50703 PV


three: This is my website’s September 9, 2008 traffic statistics     access 20817; IP        browse 72137; PV   


statistics above:, id=1911642,

well, here’s what to do afterwards, I analyzed, mainly from the two IP article:

1: the name "interview: 100 lotus pictures Inn owners faint 100 Lotus" source:

because it is a novice, do stand, half of the site, now a little income, so lucky to be webmaster net editor of flying fish interview, and published this article in ADMIN5. The article also came more than 200 days second IP, third days also came more than 200 IP.

second: "enter the name to send the Mid Autumn Festival blessing" article source:

              a hundred Dutch with her "picture"

100 lotus Inn

used the most original method of promotion known as viral. Because I do is picture website, so do a picture works, plus a string can be used to submit the name of the code, add a click to enter my site link address in the last works, then sent to the website, this article is imperceptibly crazy forwarding, bring > more than 10000 a day

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